Manila International Book Fair 2016 / Blog


Manila International Book Fair or known as MIBF is a yearly event here in our country (Philippines) I’ve been attending this event for almost 3 years now (2013,2014 and 2016) this years MIBF is by far my most favorite among the year that I attended. know what why? because I was able to grab the 4 books that I listed on my MIBF list of to-buy books and I was with my boyfriend and best friend too.

I woke up very early that day (Friday/Sept 16) because It was my Dad’s dialysis day. I accompanied him first then right after that I went straight to starmall alabang to meet my boyfriend and best friend. we rode a jeepney from alabang to pasay. I was sweating all the way because of the scorching heat of the sun. then we rode another jeepney to MOA. when we arrived at SMX It feels like “Whoa it’s been a while since my last attend”. we go first at NBS to look for Illuminae for my best friend but sad to say it’s out of stock. so we headed to fully booked to grab some of the books on our to buy list.


photo from google

it’s not that crowded. luckily, that we went there on Friday. and we grabbed some of our list of to-buy books in a very good condition. when you were in an event like this most of the books is already on the floor, some of the books were torn and looks like battered, so I advice you to go there during weekdays.


my boyfriend took this photo of me and my best friend. it was really tiring so sorry for our haggard face. it’s rare when you still look good after going to this event, haha. we decided to eat first at pepper lunch. we got really tired because we had a hard time looking for this restaurant. I forgot what we ordered so I just leave you with what I ate.


I was not a fan pepper lunch but this one is delicious we might try this again, soon. we ended our day by dropping again at SMX and bought another book. at 5pm we decided to go home since we were avoiding the traffic. all in all the event was really fun but tiring, nevertheless we were happy on what we got. until next year.

here are the books that I got.


  1. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon – is one of my most anticipated read this year. and they started filming it with Nick Robinson and Amandla Stenberg
  2. Queen of Shadows – was not really on my list of t-buy
  3. An ember in the Ashes – most anticipated read also
  4. The song of Achilles- bought this because I heard a lot of great reviews about it. my most anticipated read also.
  5. the unexpected everything- it wasn’t really on my plan to buy this book but one of my favorite booktubers rave about how she loves this book so much, since I trusted her when it comes to recommending book, I gave this book a try and tada!! my 3rd matson books that I owned.

I haven’t seen dreamology and on the fence there and they’re on my top 2&3 to-buy list on mibf. I just ordered it through online. πŸ™‚

until my next book haul πŸ™‚


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