L i f e L a t e l y 0 5


I haven’t been updated my life lately post. been too busy with mundane things so i have to give up some of my pleasures and one of them is socials. so I’m going to write now what’s going on in my life:

  • Last month, we had our mini youth camp 2016 for only 2 days. I’m one of the council who took participated on planning the event. since we didn’t attend the summer youth camp at Baguio, we planned on doing this and got approved by our pastor. it went very well. from lectures, up to night service. God moved tremendously in our midst. I was so bless by the lectures and preaching. In a span of two days, I’ve learn a lot in this event. on the second day of the event, we facilitated the games. first from 8-9am Β is bible games and 9-10am is for board games and lastly, the 10am-12pm is for the team building. we’re not just learning in this service, but we got to know more about the other churches we invited. so much blessed.
  • went to south winds for the music department outing. had a lot of fun with them. we swam, floats and whatever other things we do in the water during our stay there. eat until our tummies hurt and sing while were on the way home.
  • I bought another funko pops. finally Alice, from Alice in wonderland. I’ve been collecting a lot of Alice in wonderland books and merch since it’s my guilty pleasures. I was really happy that I finally purchased it. I still need to get the Ceshire cat to complete my Disney Alice in wonderland funko pops.
  • I bought 10 books this month, I think? Finally the A court of thorns and rose and A court of mist and fury are finally in my hands!! the hype is real. I’m currently reading #ACOTAR but since I’m a slow reader, I’m still reading it. whuuut?
  • LET examination result has been out, unfortunately I didn’t pass again. I’m losing hope the day I knew that I did not make it. but I prayed to God and asked Him, what’s wrong with me and I immediately got the answer. “For your thoughts are not my thoughts, neither your ways are my ways”. I’m still thankful that even though I didn’t make it, I still have my family who’re always there whenever I was in need, and some of my friends too who always encourage me. I’m so blessed with hose people who surrounded me with love.
  • had a quick date with my sissy @nelakathΒ . we ate lunch at giligans. roamed around town and bought books from our local bookstore. I don’t have any planned but since I saw a book that catches my attention when I read the plot, I immediately went to counter and pay for it. haha
  • Despedida party for tope. ate at don henrico’s pizza at pasta restaurant. we played trip to Jerusalem at church, gave encouragement for tope and prayed for him for a safe trip.
  • had the chance to be a part of singing group at 107th annual PDA at SMX convention. so blessed.
  • went to tagaytay with family, cousin, tito and tita and pamangkin. bought some pasalubongs and ate at Mcdo.
  • And for the highlight of this post. I was on the way home from St. Lukes when my boyfriend texted me to go to ATC to have a quick date before he go to work. then when I was already at ATC, he surprised me wiht a Marauders map poster and a Harry potter illustration book. I was really happy, I didn’t ask it. I was really speechless until now, I can’t believe.

so that’s it for now. I don’t know how to end it, but I will leave you with this. take care πŸ™‚

Xo, Abyy πŸ™‚


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