BOOK REVIEW: The Girl He Never Noticed by SweetDreamer33

the girl he never noticed Publication Date: February 29, 2016

Publisher: Summit Publishing Co.

Format: MMPB



Meet Jade.
She’s the girl who wears a black wig, big black-rimmed eyeglasses, braces, and dull, old-fashioned clothes. Everyone thinks she’s a weirdo or a girl resurrected from the past. She’s used to being the laughingstock of everyone.
But who is the real Jade Collins? Why does she need to hide her physical appearance? And what happens when her boss, the great Eros Petrakis, finally notices her? Can she tame the beast inside him?
Meet Eros.
He’s the man who has everything in life—devilishly handsome, powerful, brilliant, extremely rich, and with a body to die for. Despite all his positive attributes, he’s also a ruthless, cold, and heartless tyrant—his colleagues’ and enemies’ worst nightmare. He never smiles, never says “please,” and never apologizes for his mistakes. Can the woman with the black wig and dark-rimmed eyeglasses change him? Or will he end up changing her instead?

Book Review

I don’t usually read wattpad books since I know all the plot of the stories of the books written from some authors of wattpad and it’s all the same, from the nerdy girl who will be the center of attention because some of the bad boy and super sikat na boy notice her, and so on blah blah. but let me tell you that this one is an exceptional, I mean there’s a similarities from those stories, but this book has a plot twist, yeah! you heard me right this book has a plot twist not just one but two plot twist!! but the 1st twist is quite unpredictable but nevertheless i like this story. it makes me back when I felt those high school kiligs when I read this book.

the story is revolve around Eros who’s filthy rich and Jade who hide herself by disguising as a conservative girl. When Eros had a breakfast at the coffee shop where Jade works at, he immediately likes her coffee and the story goes on from Eros hiring jade to be his coffee maker for a triple salary, like wtf!! haha I remembered fifty shades of grey from this haha.

anyway this book has its own uniqueness. if you just want to be squeshy or you just want to feel kilig from the hustle bustle of your life this book is definitely one for you.


Xo, Abby 🙂


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