Life Lately / Volume IV

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a life lately post. so, because I’m too bored right now, might as well to do a life lately post on my blog. Its compose of random things I’ve done lately in my life.

I’ve been stuck up here in our house since I graduated last year, I’m too lazy to apply but since my dad made the decision to put up a school, it’s an excuse to make me busy. I’ve been processing a lot of papers that we need in applying school at SEC, but right now I’m so done with everything, that’s the reason why I blog right now haha. I’m so excited with this. I’ve been telling to my boyfriend how excited I am with this plan and I hope it’ll turn out God. we’ve been praying for this for a long time now and we’re in a 1st step of our dream.

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My #AprilBookHaul this book hauling is getting too serious and I love it, it’s like drug addiction but I call it book addiction. when I have money I always look for a good book to buy. these books has been on my to-buy-list and I’m happy that I finally purchased it.

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asideΒ from buying books, this Alice in wonderland addiction is getting serious too. for those who didn’t know, Alice in wonderland is my all time favorite book. I don’t know but the story is really catchy and very unique and the book cover of different editions is really pretty. I still need to get the two pink leather bound books from the book depository and I finally found a legit shop that will help me to get those books.

Last last week me and my parents went to rhapsody residences to visit our church mate who’s helping us to get the house that we’ll buy and of course we swam at their pools too. it’s my first getaway this summer though I’m not really a fan of summers but the pools is too beautiful to resist. so my father and I swam for only 30 minutes coz’ I don’t want to get burned. that’s the reason why I hate summers you’ll get nothing but sun burn, sweat and itchyness. sorry to those people who’s really a fan of summers.

my bookish buddy and I went on a date too. We just roamed around town look for some good books that we’ll add on our to-buy-list, had some fries, churros and frap. took some pictures and roamed again. nothing much happened but we really do enjoy the company of each other. we just love to talk about books and other whatnots.

Last Saturday was probably the last getaway this summer. I did enjoy last Saturday with my church mate. went to Dioko Resort at San Pablo Laguna. I’m going to tell you guys that they have the best pools!! the adult pool is a color mint green and I so love it!! I kept on swimming and swimming until my body hurts and I promise to myself that this will be the last this summer, I don’t want to really get burn. I really did enjoy last weeks getaway specially the ice cream we tasted outside the resort. so yummy that it makes me want to go back there!!

after that spontaneous getaway my boyfriend and I went to festival mall to celebrate our 13th month together in advance since today is our real monthsarry #2. we ate at kenny roger’s since it’s my favorite, bought books, had frap and an endless walked since there’s this last campaign happened in our city. it pissed me off coz I’m really tired and I wanted to go home and I want my boyfriend to rest because he barely sleep this past few days and unfortunately this campaigned happened. Grrrrr!!! but that’s okay at least I’m with my baby.

I’ve been too please this past few days and I want to thank God for everything He has done for me, my family, my boyfriend and friends

Xo, Abby πŸ™‚


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