Camp Half Blood (Cabin Number 6: Daughter of Athena)

Which Cabin I belong

daughter of athena

Goddess of wisdom, battle strategy, and crafts
Roman name: Minerva
Characteristics: Intelligent, quick-thinkers, wise, sarcastic, clever
Children of Athena are smart, clever, AND wise, covering the three bases of intelligence. Their humor sense is often dry and sarcastic, and they are very crafty and come up with solutions to problems quickly and easily. Children of Athena always play fair, though they usually win anyway. They are also naturally skilled in crafts like sewing, weaving, and origami, with Athena being the goddess of crafts.
Demigod children of Athena/Minerva: Annabeth Chase
Cabin number: 6
Powers: Advanced intelligence and strategy skills

I am Claimed by Athena


Congratulations! You have been claimed by the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. You are intelligent and adept at learning and can take charge when the situation calls for it. Knowledge is a powerful weapon, and you are great at planning strategies for capture the flag and real fights. 

I took a Quiz today at Camp Half Blood and these are the result I got. I belong in Cabin 6 and I am Claimed by Athena. I’m always dreaming as a Daughter of Poseidon, unfortunately they put me in the cabin 6 which I’m not quite fond of, but anyway I still like it.

you should try your quiz too

Camp Half Blood Parentage Test (Mostly Accurate) :

Which Cabin do you belong :

Xo, Abby 🙂


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