I Recommend Some New Adult Books


Hello Guys!!! so today I’m going to recommend some NA books that you might like. There’s a lot of NA books out there that I haven’t try yet, but I’m exploring myself into this genre. I think New Adult is my cup of tea. It helps me to get out of my reading slump. lately, I’ve been hauling a lot of NA theme books. it’s too pricey but it’s worth it. books is worth of my money, I bet you guys too?

Let’s dive in now to my list of my Favorite New Adult Genre in Bullets;

1. Colleen Hoover

  • Ugly Love – this is actually my first book of Colleen Hoover that I owned and the first book that I’ve read by CoHo. what I love about this book is, it gives me the adult vibe. our main character here is Tate Collins a Nurse and Miles Archer a Pilot. I love their story though it started with a rough one until it became ugly, hence to the title of this book. if you want a cliche book and a heavy drama then this book is for you.
  • Hopeless – this is by far the most tragic slash very dark book of Colleen Hoover. I love this book, specially dean holder. Sky’s past deals with a lot of traumatic and Dark incidents. it deals with a lot of problems from our main character past. all of Colleen Hoover’s books Β deals with a lot of heavy drama, dark past and complicated situation which I like it very much. if you haven’t read this book yet, then what are you waiting for?
  • Maybe Someday – this book is my top 3 best of CoHo’s book. this one deals with a love triangle and complicated situation too, but you will love this. Ridge is one of a hella hot guy and I think I admired his loyalty towards Maggie, he fought his feelings towards sydney for the sake of maggie, Imagine? how sweet is that? but heart gets what it wants. I love their little chit chats with their phones and chats. I think it’s sweet and I like it very much. you’ll love this book as much as I love this book.
  • November 9 – My top 2 favorite book by colleen hoover. Guys!! I SHOULD RECOMMEND THIS TO YOU BECAUSE THIS BOOK IS REALLY GOOD!!!! it has a nice plot, settings and a very twisting scene that you will go gaga over it. Like “Seriously, Colleen? I didn’t see it coming” this book will mess your life, BUT!!! in a good way. you will end up hugging this book after you read this. because that is what I did! haha.
  • Confess – MY TOP 1 BOOK OF COLLEEN HOOVER!!!! YES YOU HEARD IT RIGHT!!!SOME OF YOU MIGHT SAY THAT NOVEMBER 9 IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BOOK OF COHO BUT GUYS I’M REALLY SORRY BUT MINE IS CONFESS!!! this book really strike my heart, from the story of Auburn and Adam to Auburn and MY OWEN!!! mind you he’s my bae, steal him from me and the WW3 will start, I dare you guys!! hahaha. just kidding. but seriously! read this and you will fall in love with Auburn and Owen and their fate. haaaays!!!
  • Finding Cinderella – it’s a quick and light read. I like it and I find Daniel to be the funny person I’ve ever met from my entire CoHo’s Journey. this book has the potential to be all Colleen Hoover’s Novels.

2. Abbi Glines

  • The Vincent Brothers – I love this book better that the Vincent Boys. I thought BeauΒ is much more bae than Sawyer but I ended up falling in love with Sawyer. This book is a quick read and it’s a duology. if you want to read this, then you will read the Vincent boys first before you jump into this book. I’ve read Abbi’s Fallen too far series and I love it, so now I’m into collecting all her books. so far I have this duology, Misbehaving one of the books of Sea Breeze Series and I pre-ordered the Until Friday Night. so anyway, this book is cute and I like Lana though sometimes I want to punch her for being so childish but I like her, so this book is good and meet my expectations.

3. Monica Murphy

  • One Week Girlfriend & Second Chance Boyfriend – these books is my new favorite now. I finished it last week. I love Drew and Fable story. they deal with a lots of problems but it’s not a hindrance to not continue their love for each other. I recommend these books to you guys. it’s a quick read, I finished mine in a span of 3 days. But it’s for mature audience only because there’s a lot of steamy scene you might read in this book, so better be careful, okay?

so that’s it for my recommendation. I hope you like this. I’m looking forward for you to read these books, so we can fangirl together πŸ™‚


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