Butuan (Mini Vacation)


I haven’t blog about this trip we’ve made (me and my parents) at Butuan, Agusan Del Norte last January 5. I can’t believe it took me 2 months to post this. I don’t really have a plan on posting this stuff, but somehow, my inner goddess wants to. so let’s move on.Β I don’t usually took photos on my DSLR because it’s so heavy to carry around so I just stick with my phone most of the time but in this post I’m going to use all the pictures I took from my DSLR. we arrived at Naia Terminal 3 at exactly 3am in the morning since our flight is 5:15 am. better be on time than to be late or else your plane will leave you. anyway, there’s a lot of people at the airport during that time because I believe it’s still holiday. while waiting for boarding, I just connect to their wifi and upload some pictures I took. then there’s this Taiwanese who talked to me. I find it hard to talk to him since I really don’t understand his english that much because of the accent but we became friends. he’s on his way to davao for adventures and I also told him that we are headed to Butuan for my father’s brother’s funeral. he said sorry for our loss. then we bid goodbye coz’ it’s their boarding time. I said he should take care at davao becauseΒ the mayor there is ruling the city with iron fist and he said he would. it’s so nice to talk to people you didn’t know and in the span of minutes you became friends just like that.

this trip is not actually an escapade but it’s a visitation for my father’s brother’s funeral. but somehow it became a reunion since everyone in my father’s side is there. here are some pictures during our mini vacation.





I’m so happy that I get to close them in a span of 3 days. I’m totally missing them right now. my cousins and pamangkins are so kind and very sweet. they taught me how to speak bisaya, though I know how to speak but few words only.



this is Hanon my cousin and they say that we look like twins, like I don’t see any resemblance between us. but, this guy has a voice . his mom, my auntie is a conservatory graduate that’s why her children knows how to play music and can sing. well, I can sing too but I’m not a conservatory graduate.


this is Joy my niece and my super duper close among them. she loves to tell story and loves Kpop too. she’s my translator every time they talked.


after the funeral Joy and I decided to plan something cool. my parents and I stayed at Hill top. it is a mini resort owned by my father’s kumpadre now a politician at Butuan, kitcharao. so Joy and I decided to have a mini swimming party after the funeral of my uncle, along with my other pamangkins, cousins, uncle, and auntie. I know we should be mourning for our loss and disrespectful but we just face the reality that our uncle is happy now in heaven.


I super duper enjoyed their company!



Random shots during our breakfast in our last day at kitcharao, coz’ were heading back to Butuan for our wednesday flight.


my parents while waiting for our tito, to headed back at butuan,

I miss my family there. We will be having our reunion this december and I’m so excited for it. because we will going to have an adventure there, like we will exploring white sand beach, Falls, Siargao, Hinatuan River (The Famous Enchated River) and many more. I’m so looking forward for it. we already booked a ticket. See you!! I’m really excited πŸ™‚


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