Birthday Book haul / March Bookhaul

this is actually the first ever huge book haul I’ve ever done in my whole life. I managed to buy a total of 35 books. and these books is actually a gifts from my friend, boyfriends and parents. I only bought Beautiful wedding, Ashes to Ashes and Towering, my gift for myself.

Harry potter Set by J.K Rowling  I actually do own a copy of harry potter before when I was still in my 1st year on my first course. it’s been a long time so, I want a new copy because my old one has been torn into pages.. so I had to let it go. Luckily, my boyfriend promised me to buy a new set. so he really does. it came last week and I decided to re-read the first book which is the sorcerers stone. I didn’t appreciate it before but now I’m lovin’ it! I’m into collecting New adults now coz’ why not? we all know that new adults books help us to get us out into reading slump. I still need to get my top priorities now which is effortless and reckless, bad romeo and broken juliet. I’m done reading the vincent boys duology i gave the 1st book 4 stars and 5 stars for the 2nd one, I like sawyer than Beau. I finally completed the Alice in zombie land trilogy but when I searched it on goodreads it has a 4th book which is the mad tea party. I still need to get it to complete the set. I’ve been collecting alice in wonderland nowadays, coz’ why not? it’s my favorite classic of all time! I got the hardbound books for cheapest price only. pretty good deal. thats it. my huge book haul this month. birthday it is!!! 🙂


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