BOOK REVIEW: The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines 

 Publication Date: June 2012

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Format: Paperback

Pages: 304 Pages

Ratings: 5/5

i like this book better than the first one. I actually gave it a 5 stars and I like sawyer a lot than Beau this time. i never thought sawyer would be that handsome and bad ass. Sawyer on the first book was kind of a jerk for me, but when I finally started to read this book, if I had to choose between him and beau, I would choose Sawyer.

it started when Lana came back to grove to have a vacation and not just a vacation but to get sawyer’s attention. she’s been in love with sawyer since they were a kids, but she never had the chance because sawyer was in love with ashton, but when the break up happened, she decided to grab the chance to sawyer to notice her. i like the story better than the 1st book because i get to have a lot of sawyer and lana moments here unlike beau and ashton on the 1st book and it deals with cheating so a totally off for me, coz’ I hate cheating you know, everybody does. sometimes I was really pissed to sawyer for being so rude to Lana on the first few pages, he even said to Lana, that she was only a distraction. as for me, as girl, I was hurt, but Lana is still good to forgive sawyer, she even forgive sawyer 2 times, before the incident “Beau cheated on Ash” thing. if you read the book you know what I mean, but it was just a mis understanding.
I’m kinda pissed to Lana too for being so “maarte” on the last pages of the books. I felt pity for sawyer because he doesn’t have any idea where to find Lana. but good thing Ethan was so nice so he gave the address where Lana is.

what I really love about this book is sawyer and his words, I just love it. it feels soft, dedicated and passionate. it took him a lot of time to realize how much he loves Lana. so somehow the runaway thing that Lana did is good for sawyer too, to realize how much important Lana is to him. I’m so happy that the epilogue is 4 years later and sawyer and Lana is already engaged and beau will propose to ashton too. another perfect duology has ended.


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