Life Lately // Vol. III


Here’s another life lately to update you guys how’s my life had been this month. most of you know that March is my birth month. how crazy it is that I was born during the sunny days here in the Philippines. anyway, life updated through bullets:

  • March 02, 2016 – so I’m going to start this post with our 11th monthsarry. I was really happy coz’ we reached that day with full of love and dedication to ourselves. our itinerary is to eat lunch together. we decided to go at Kenny Roger’s. we ordered 2 combo meals, one for me and him but different side dish, mine was corn and carrots and mashed potato for him. I’ve been loving Kenny Roger’s food ever since my father decided to lunch there. their foods are balance and their chicken is so delicious. you got to choose if you want a roasted or a grilled chicken, but I always chose the roasted chicken. after lunch, we went to NBS to look for a good book to buy. I really don’t have any idea that he will buy me books, he just said that look for the books that I want. we ended up living the bookstore with 6 books in my hand.. 6 books guys!!! I couldn’t asked for more. my boyfriend always support this little passion of mine.
  • Tuesday and Friday – It’s the days where we always go at dialysis center for my dad’s dialysis. it’s a lifetime treatment, nevertheless it didn’t hinder us for living a normal life rather we thank God because this sickness helps us to pray more and became strong as a family although we have a plan for a transplant for my Dad, we were just looking for donors. we’re still praying for God’s will.
  • Notebooks and Color pens and more DIY’s- I always dream of making my own bullet journal but since it’s super expensive, I just stick to the cheapest notebook I saw at National Book Store and started my own #LiningJournal. I actually bought the Filed! Doodled planner but since I’m really not into coloring now, I’m sticking with this Lining Journal and it makes me happy. I feel so organized right now. it makes me help too for my plans for our anniversary, YEY!! I bought some color pens too in case my taste for coloring comes back, I’m prepared. on the other hand, I bought some of materials I’m going to use for my DIY’s for him. I printed a total of 185 pictures of me and him. I’m going to make a timeline of our love story. from first pictures to the last one. a scrapbook to make it short hehe. I’m so excited. It’s so hard to choose what will be my material gift for him. he really wants a head set from astro vision but it’s too damn expensive, it cost 2999 each!! I can’t afford but he let me choose between a jacket and long sleeve, I’ll choose the later. I’m really really so excited for our 1st anniversary. I’m planning to be more unique this time. I’m thinking if we should go for a picnic? I’ve been longing to experience picnic with the one you love.
  • March 17 (My Birthday) – I celebrated my birthday looking for my school for my exam, of course I’m so happy too coz’ I celebrated it with my boyfriend. we ate at Greenwhich at cubao farmers before looking for the school. my birthday end well. I received a lot of gifts mostly books from my family, friends and boyfriend hehe. I got an instax from my ate. I’ve been dreaming to have one and yes!! finally I have it already. I acquired a total of 35 books this month. and a post-birthday celebration from parents at our home. I couldn’t ask for more. I was really blessed for all the people surrounds me. I always thank God for them.
  • LET-Board Examination – it’s my 2nd take of board exam and I prayed to God this will be my last.. I’ll past the LET this time with a trust in God in my heart. I know that God knows the desire of my heart is to teach. I’m always praying if it’s His will then It’ll be. just pray and wait. I can’t say exam’s are easy coz it isn’t. all I know right now is to pray and pray..

I’ll post a book haul and another book review soon. Happy Lenten season, Guys!


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