BOOK REVIEW: The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines

VINCENTcovers Publication Date: October 12, 2011

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Format: Paperback

Pages: 259 Pages

Ratings: 4/5 Stars

just finished reading the Vincent boys. I actually like it. but there are some points that lacks the story.

i don’t know if I like those sweet little moments with ash and beau while sawyer is away. i hate cheating coz’ I’m in a relationship but Beau gives a little butterflies in my stomach. I can see myself through Ashton, Because I’m a preachers daughter too. but in my case I have a lot of friends who bad influence me that’s why my father manage to ruled our house like an iron fist (that was before). but in the story it’s the love that we were talking about. I understand Ashton’s father for saying Bad company corrupts good character because it’s in the bible, but somehow you don’t have to judge the person who you barely know. not just because he’s always in trouble it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a good heart, in fact he loves ashton more than the friendship he build with sawyer.

it took me time to finish this book because of my examination but anyway. the things i hate about this book are Nicole for pouring a can of coke to ashton’s face and sawyer being a jerk for not defending ashton’s side, I mean even though she cheated on you You don’t have the rights to act like it didn’t happened, you once were in love with her. and at the same time it’s not Ashton’s entirely fault. I like Ashton, I see through out the book the improvement of her character. and Beau, I admire you so much for being dedicated to Ashton. I mean you deserve all the love in this world. i just hope Abbi Glines gives a little details about Mack Vincent and sawyer’s Dad. but anyway I gave this book a 4 stars. it’s not the perfect book that you want but it can get you out of reading slump. I decided to give this book a 3.50 stars, But Beau is still a bae so I had to make it 4 stars. ohhh! save by Beau Vincent 😍😍

this book reminds me so much of A Walk to Remember 😍😍☺️☺️


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