25 Bookish facts about me


I watched Sasha’s video about her “25 bookish facts about me” and you know I’m a big  fan of Sasha Alsberg so, Why not to do it too?

  1. I’ve been reading books since I was in 4th year high school. my first books that I’ve read is Twilight Saga given by my Ate’s ex-boyfriend. Since then I became a book lover.
  2. I read deathly hallows first before I read the other books of harry potter. I watched the movies first before I read them. I actually owned a harry potter books but it’s not so presentable because I owned them since I was in 1st year college of my first course. so the pages is so torn and not really pretty to take pictures, hehe.
  3. Percy Jackson is my 1st Serious fictional boyfriend and I collected Riordan’s book in my own pocket.
  4. I love reading Book blogs and I love watching Booktubers too. my Fave’s are Sasha, Kassidy, Kristine and Grace Zhuang. I enjoy watching them doing their unboxing but it makes me cry because I want to experience unboxing too.
  5. I LOVE ALICE AND WONDERLAND and it’s my favorite classic book. I’ve been collecting a lot of alice in wonderland’s retelling books. I’m currently collecting Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter.
  6. I’m not into Sci-Fi books but I owned some of Sci-Fi books. I’ll be reading them soon.
  7. I always give my books that’s been sitting on my shelf for a long time now. I don’t want to sell them, it’s not my thing but rather I will give them away to my bestfriend or throw a giveaway.
  8. I LOVE FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, so to those who bash the books, whatever read at your own risk. it doesn’t make me stop to love the book. Bleeh 😛 Christian Grey is Bae
  9. I’m collecting a lot of new adult books now because they are my savior from my reading slump. I love Colleen Hoover and she’s my Favorite Author. I owned all her books except Never Never series and I’m not going to buy it. No way!! it’s too pricey
  10. My all time book boyfriends are, Aaron Warner, Percy Jackson, Josh Wasserstein, Thaddeus Blake, Noah Shaw and Christian Grey. I know I’ll be meeting a lot of book boyfriends but these babies have a special place in my heart.
  11. I’m not so “Maarte” when putting a props for my bookstagram, white sheets are okay with me.
  12. I didn’t finish Me Before you because of the hype and I asked my bookish buddy to spoil me on what happened to Will. now, it makes me want to read the book. haha
  13. I’m collecting J.L.A books now and Abbi Glines. it’s like that they’re my priority first before the others.
  14. I’ve never been into book signing but I owned 4 books signed by the authors. my Dad will never allowed me to go. I tried but he always refused. *Sob*
  15. When I shop for books, I always used cart just to make other people who shops too feels envy to me hahahaha. I know I’m such a badass but, It’s me and it makes me happy. lol
  17. i love historical fictions, contemporary, fantasy, dystopian, new adult and paranormal books. I tried to read Sci-Fi but it didn’t work for me.
  18. I used to love the selection series but truly let down by the 4th installment so I ended up giving my book away to my friend who wants to read the books. so for thosr of you who asked me why I didn’t post any pictures of the selection, here’s the answer.
  19. I’ve been joining  #MyFevaBookMySelfie on NBS, unfortunately I didn’t win any single moment. but I’m not going to give up. haha
  20. most of my books are trilogies.
  21. I tried to read Angelfall but it’s not yet my time to read the book so I had to put it down. it’s so good and action packed. I just don’t want to be on reading slump. that’s why.
  22. I haven’t read the Lunar Chronicles series, but soon! haha *Shame on Me*
  23. I love the smell of books. I always sniff them and it got me into addiction.
  24. I love sipping a cup of coffee or cocoa and eating cupcakes while reading a good book and when it rains. it feels so good.
  25. Lastly, I love my boyfriend who always support my Passion for reading books.

I have a lot, but these facts just came to my mind and had to type it. hope you enjoy. 🙂


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