Life Lately / Vol. 2


Hi guys. How are you??! I’m currently typing this on my mobile since I don’t wanna get up to my bed. I’m pretty tired and not feeling well. but It doesn’t stop me to post this. anyway here’s a snippets on my life this past few days.

1. I’m currently hoarding a lot of books lately from an online shops at IG. I bought these two books (Leaving and Returning to paradise by Simone Elkeles). heard a  lot of great things about this book. I’m into romance books now and I just finished reading Frigid by J.L.A, I do have a teview on my blog so you can scroll down if you want to read it.

2. Since I’m the one who always go with my dad at dialysis center to be his bantay, I always got the chance to eat at Kenny Roger’s. I’m not really into this kind of restau. but cut the crap their Muffins are so delicious and my father and I put it on our top to buy merienda whenever we’re at Dialysis. and their Side dish is so delicious too. the corns and Carrots, Coleslaw are so DELICIOUS!

3. if you’ve been following me on my personal IG, you knew how much I love peanuts! I akways eat peanuts whenever I study or reading. my day aren’t complete without eating those. I even put them in a milkof glass. I enjoy eating them it’s like my comfort food.

4. My boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 1st anniv. this April 2 and I’m so excited for it!! I’ve been preparing since last weekfor my DIY gifts for him. i came to thinkbif I should make a collage from our first dates up to now and put it on a scrapbookand make a little notes for the memories and a letter for him. omg! I’m so excited. I need to print atleast 100 pictures of us including the things that he gave to me to compile everything.

5. Back to habit. watching a koreanovela makes my heart melts. and I’m currently addicted to Healer. I never appreciated Ji Chang Wook on his first T.V series Smile, Again or Smile Donghae on GMA 7 until now with his new drama healer!! with Park min Young! I swear the lookgood together hoping they will end up being a couple in real life. Ji chang wook though is one of my smile huhu 😍😍

6. last thursday I re arannged my room. it was a mess since my tita and tito stayed here for 5 days. I decided to arranged my book according to their Genre. hehe. I dont really own a bookshelf so I just stack them on my study table. no worries with the dust I’m always checking on them.

7. I was about to read The Siren by Kiera Cass but decided to stop and ship to Miss P.because  nothing I just want to read miss P.since the movie moved to September. haha.

8.  Mama and Papa are currently in cebu now and me and my siblings having a fun time alone in our house.hahaha! but I MISS THEM so come back home please!!

9. Last Monday we celebrated my youngest brother 17th birthday. I used to cuddle him when he was a child but now he doesn’t want to cuddle anymore, he’s a big boy na daw. time flew by so fast. I miss our childhood days. i posted a blog about his birthday, if you want to read just scroll down.

thanks for reading!!


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