Joash 17th Birthday


Last Monday  we celebrated my younger brother’s birthday at Starmall, Giligans. I was so happy because our baby boy grew up so fast. way back when we were a child, I used to cuddle our baby boy but time flew by so fast he doesn’t want to cuddle anymore. I called my boyfriend if he’s out at his work and I asked him to go at starmall to reserved 20 seats at giligans and we will be there at 7pm exactly!

these are the foods we order. I always took photos of what we always eat whenever we ate at the restaurant, but this time hungriness ate me so I only took these out of many. hehe. but anyway the foods are great and it makes me want to go back there. original plan is to eat at shabu-shabu but since my father is not a fan we just stick to restaurant that everybody loves.

I always took pictures because I’m the one who owns the camera. so usually I don’t have any pictures in the photo but since I have a nephew who knows how to use my SLR, I asked him to take pictures of me. hehehe. I’m so full that time. whenever we ate at giligans i always ordered their sisig because it’s my favorite dish. after we ate, we ordered mango float for our panghimagas and tell stories while eating.


we leaved giligans with our satisfied tummy. hehe. look at my brother, last photo above.. he’s taller than me now. I remember before I always scold my brother because he’s lampa but now he’s the one who scold me. haha. anyway, we have a happy time last monday. reunion with my family (mother side).



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