Life Lately | 1st Week of February ( Vol 1)


my life has been pretty amazing lately, I’m beginning to be a productive. so I’m going to label it, what up into my life lately.

  1. last Monday was my boyfriend’s 22nd birthday. I was so happy because it was a success. I witnessed him smile while I was giving him my last gift which contains a lot of sweetness. a krispy kreme donut. I put a “cheesy line” inside the box of a donut which says “I DONUT know what to do without you”. He showed it to everyone. I was so shy to her mom’s comment “Ang sweet mo” at the same time happy because I made her son happy.
  2. We went to fullybooked to buy new book which is The Siren by Kiera Cass, her new book. well, basically a new book cover. this book was released last 2009. I’ve been planning to buy 2 books that day since I crave haha. My friend says that I always buy books. well, bookworm problems here. so when my boyfriend told me that you’re not allowed to buy 2 books, then I decided to stick to 1 haha. I bought this book instead of Queen of shadows. I’m currently Reading Frigid by JLA and she wrote it as J.Lynn her Pseudonym. it’s my 2nd book of JLA and will definitely read more of her works.
  3. Every Sunday after our church service we always go in our respective evangelism outstation. I was assigned at T.S Cruz. I’m so happy that I get to see those children every Sunday, it always makes me smile that God gave this dedication to me. I want to help those children to know God’s word. they’re so mababait, makukulit and bubbly. after I teach them the word of God to make more alive, we play games and the winners will get a prize from me. their smiles was so genuine, it makes my heart melts. I always pray to God that always keep this dedication to myself because it’s so precious to me that money can’t even buy this.
  4. I’ve been practicing my artsy side of me. I always update my planner because it makes me more organize. I’m practicing my skills on Lettering coz’ I think I have a gift that’s why I’m practicing it. I’m also trying to make my own Inserts for my Planner. also I want to try to print my own stickers for planners hehe. It’s enjoying to do. I’ve never been this organize to myself since I graduated from college.
  5. Since, I’m still Currently unemployed, I always kill my time to read books, organize my room and Eat a lot more fruits. I’ve been a healthy living creature now ever since my Mom diagnosed as a cancer patient. I want to be more conscious in my life style more often since Sickness is just around the corner and I don’t what that happen to me. well, enough of that. I’ve been planning to look for a job after I take my 2nd take of my LET examination. Hopefully, this time I can make it, I know God is always there but you need to work it out too on yourself too. I don’t want toΒ have any confidence on myself rather to give God all the worries. I miss teaching, I really have this passion to teach all the knowledge that has store in me and share it with my student. oh God, being a teacher is not easy specially if you need to compute for their grades. It’s hard! 😦 but it’ll worth all the pain.

I’ll be blogging next week the General Conference of our Organization, Pentecostal. since this week is the start of GenCon2016. I’ll be attending this night and tomorrow.


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