Random Facts; About Me (Part 1)


Since I haven’t yet finish NIL and I’m too lazy to pick the book up. I decided to write these some Random Facts about me. Well, most of you don’t know me personally so this one’s for you guys.

  1. My full name is Abigail that’s why this blog is abbygoreads because my nick name is abby. but some of my friend who knew me too well, call me Big of Beg.
  2. My Father is a pastor and my Mother is a former teacher at Early childhood.
  3. way back 2006, we owned a school for nursery, kinder, and preparatory. unfortunately we need to close it because my father was sick that time. so my mother became a full time house wife.
  4. I have 3 siblings. my Ate, and 2 brothers. my ate Graduated from riverside bacolod with a degree of Nursing and I graduated at Lyceum with a Degree of Education. My 2 brothers who’s still studying at SPCBA is currently taking a BSBA and I.T.
  5. I love my family so much. I will sacrifice anything just to see them happy.
  6. I love Onions, Garlic and Ginger. I rarely do eat vegetables but when my mother was diagnosed as a cancer patient my siblings and I decided to eat Vegetable more often. (I know, sounds lame right?)
  7. I don’t cut my hair, as well as my mother and my ate. I put foundation on my face and a bit of lip tint but not too much, because my father won’t allow me. though, I watched a lots of make up tutorial.
  8. I love reading blogs and watch Booktubers bookhauls, bookreviews on youtube. If I don’t read books, you can see me reading blogs and watching those videos.
  9. I started reading books when I was in 4th year high school. my first book way back then is the twilight saga given by my ate’s ex boyfriend. that time I started to read more books and I already collecting them.
  10. I love doing groceries! my favorite section at the grocery store is the coffee section and laundry section. ( i know the laundry section is weird, but!! it me).
  11. I hate cold blooded animals, specially frogs, snakes and worms!! oh my God!! I hate those Freaky!!!!
  12. I love watching teleserye. I’m currently obsessed on Pangako Sa’yo and Doble Kara. I’m a KathNiel fan, I’m not shy about it!!
  13. I owned exactly 375 books now and will collect more!!! :))))))))
  14. I’m actually a big fan of chocolates, and candies!! coz’ I have a sweet tooth!! that’s why I’m chubby and my boyfriend like my size! hahaha
  15. I’m 23 years old, but some of my friends on the internet whom I haven’t met says that I look like a 17 years old. seriously?!!! *Make Face* -.-
  16. I don’t want to boast but I also sing! I have a beautiful voice. and I sing a lot on our church. hihi
  17. I love strawberries specially when I dip it on nutella and apples when i dip it on peanut butter.
  19. I have a boyfriend and we’ve been together since April 2, 2015. exactly 10 months and 9 days. Legal both families.
  20. I’m currently looking for a job. but I decided to stop until I finish taking my 2nd take of my LET examination.

I will write more about me.. soon! I think these 20 facts will do for now.


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