My Boyfriend’s 22nd Birthday (02.08.16)

today we’re celebrating Chinese new year in the Philippines and at the same time His family and I celebrating his birthday! 3 weeks before his birthday. I made up my mind to give him something precious and worth keeping. I researched at Pinterest for DIY-birthday-gift for your boyfriend.

I made 3 DIY for him. which is the popular open it when you’re Mad, when we have a fight, and so on. I made 6 of that. and a DIY picture frame with a picture of us on it and of course I baked a red velvet crinkles and I put it on a mason jar. those DIY has a meaning why i made it. I bought a blanket and a 1 long sleeve for him too, which has a meaning too.

I gave my gift for him yesterday after our sunday service. I was really happy that he liked my gift and he kept on telling me yesterday that how lucky and blessed he is for having me. whenever we have a celebration on something like monthsarry, birthday, or the you-just-want-to-appreciate him moment, I always making efforts for him, I always making DIY’s for him. DIY for me is the best gift you can give to your love ones because it puts a lot of efforts. I bought him a krispy kreme 1 dozen honey glazed too. I put the “I DONUT know what to do without you” inside the box, he was like. *Kissing me* Speechless πŸ™‚

so today is his birthday and we celebrated it at a Chinese restaurant (I forgot the name) because her mom loves Chines foods. we have Beef with broccoli, unli yang cha, fried siomai, i forgot the others but I was so full. this is the first time he celebrated his birthday with me and you know what it’s so worth it!! after we had lunch at Festival mall. we went to Robinson to buy him a new polo. we decided to buy the red long sleeve at chancellor. hihi too pricey but that’s okay. it’s his birthday anyway.

my boyfriend and i decided to leave first since we’re going to town to buy a new book for me. i always feeling giddy whenever I entered at fully booked. it’s like a heaven to me. imagine a room full of books? it’s so relaxing! my boyfriend bought me “The Siren” by Kiera Cass. I was browsing for another books, since I want to bought 2 books thank God my boyfriend said that he wants to eat at krispy kreme. He saved me by the krispy kreme haha! we ordered 2 honey glazed and 1 strawberry smoothies. we take it out and ate it at Kitkat bench. and then there’s a kid who gave a fortune cookies to us. it was our first time!! haha

his birthday went well. I gave his surprise without his knowing and it was a success!


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