Book Review #2


I really don’t trust myself when it comes to give my own synopsis, but I’m gonna try this one with one of my recent favorite books this year.

Hopeless is a story of a sky who is really hopeless. she doesn’t even know what’s in her past life until she meets dean holder which basically has a biggest part on her past. Holder and Sky became a couple as I expected, but one day the truth will prevailed and then sky discover that holder has keeping a secret to her.

Exactly 1 week since I finished this beautiful book and those days, I can’t even think straight because this book still affects me in so many ways. I can’t form any words how to describe or put a good reviews about this book. I know a lot of you has read this book already and you know that it deals with a lot of emotions and struggles from sky’s past. but since holder is always there to the rescue she can always rely to him and I want to thank Colleen Hoover for that. the first 3 chapters I find it a little bit boring and not-so very catchy but when the story goes on and on I know this book will be included on my top favorites books this year.

I really feel so sorry for sky’s past, for what she has been through. Imagine you have no idea what’s on your past and on the unexpected day you’ll know your tragic past and lots of questions keeps popping on your head. I know everyone hates karen for what she did, but I don’t feel any hates or hatred towards her. I strongly believe that even if she helps sky in a bad way still it’s the right decisions to do because John (sky’s father) is a jerk he deserves all the unlucky things in the world.

I freaking love this book, it’s a heart-wrenching story that will totally blown your mind and rip your heart into pieces!! I don’t mind if I’m going to read this book again and again. Dean Holder is the bae of all bae’s.

if you haven’t read this book. please do now!!


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